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Black Osmotic Plastic Body Wrap Film

Black Osmotic Plastic Body Wrap Film

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  • 60 Meters Premium Black Osmotic Plastic Body Wrap Film for Sweat Shaper Sauna Wrap Exercise Osmotic Plastic Body Wrap Workout & Sweat Bundle

  • This osmotic wrap for body has high elasticity and stickiness and will hold easily and comfortably onto your body. 
  • Wrap you way to a slimmer physique: Sweat waist wrap for women, ab stimulator to elevate body temp in your midriff in order to release toxins and help to sweat away inches off your waist and tummy. Improve your figure with this Osmotic Wrap. It helps to slim your waist increasing the thermal activity.
  •  High-quality slimming film: Will increase the elasticity for you to use. It is recommended that you wind it up at least three times, and tighter, the effect will be better 
  • Non-toxic: Tasteless, safe and healthy PE material. 
  • Tear Resistant: This osmotic stomach wrap is tear-resistant for ease of use with sauna wrap properties. Perfect for daily use at home, at work, or during physical activities to increase thermal action and help you remove toxins from your body when used as a sweat waist trimmer for women.
  •  The osmotic plastic body wrap measures approximately 236 inches/60 metres in length and 9.8 inches/25 cm in width, a medium width. This plastic wrap for body is highly elastic and sticky, fitting well to the body's curves and fitting comfortably against your body with ease.
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